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The Heyday of Vintage Drinking Glasses Walter T. Lemiski, M.A.

I simply cannot stand drinking out of anything but glass! It drives me up the wall to be served a cold brew at a Blue Jay, Raptor or Maple Leaf game in a plastic cup. It kind of adds insult to the injury of the outrageous prices charged for a pint of suds! A fine glass beer mug or pilsener glass is absolutely the best way to present and enjoy a refreshing pint.

When I began researching glass barware in earnest a number of years back I was absolutely staggered by the sheer volume of products produced and the extraordinary variety of those items. Undoubtedly like many others I began by searching for items that I recalled seeing in my dad’s bar some forty years ago
Aero Games By Patrick Flynn After coaching one of my teenagers on the causes of the First World War, I realize I have to start at the very beginning. Aero did not start out as a chocolate bar. Like most things English, the invented word was given a Latin root, and all things to do with the new ships of the air became aeronautical.

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Stamp Boxes Tony Shaman

Postage stamp boxes, long the purview of stamp collectors, postal historians, and museums, are being discovered by an ever-increasing number of antique lovers. Collectors with a penchant for unusual collectible items are finding that the array of stamp boxes manufactured almost since the introduction of postage stamps in 1840, and continued down to our time, can add an element of excitement and spice to their collecting lives.
Pedal Cars Jim Trautman

Living on the 3rd floor of an apartment house as a kid I never had a pedal car. Crazy as it may sound I did have a giant Schwinn Bicycle that my mother dragged up and down the six flights of stairs. It also had about 30 pounds of extra equipment - saddle bags, streamers, lights, horn. In fact the only pedal cars I remember as a kid were the ones that were made from the wheels of baby carriages, but let's not get into how the wheels were obtained. Lastly the other close pedal car was the old wooden crate with the 2 X 4's for a steering wheel and roller skates attached. Read more about Pedal Cars...